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Extraordinary evening hosted by Travelmania Ltd & Four Seasons Cyprus

An extraordinary evening hosted by Travelmania Ltd and Four Seasons Cyprus and held at Apollonia Events…

The event was attended by many community leaders from the Greek & Cypriot communities. Executives from London Greek Radio, Parikiaki Newspaper and celebrity “My Greek Kitchen” chef, presenter and author, Tonia Buxton, all gave up their time to attend and give their support.

Before I go any further, I must say a big thank you to Apollonia Events, the food and service was exquisite, similar to the unique service provided by Travelmania but more on that later.


Our host for the evening, Anna from Travelmania, introduced the crew from the small family run company and invited some customers to explain why they keep coming back to Travelmania year after year. The first customer explained that for her and her family, it came down to “Attention to detail and exceptional level of service”. During her short address to the guests, this was clearly the reason they go back year after year…

Another customer explained how his family has been visiting the Four Seasons Cyprus and booking their holiday with Travelmania, for 15-20 years and they are due back in Cyprus within the next fortnight, clearly excited to see the renovations.

One guest explained how whilst at the airport, she realised her son had left his medication behind and panicking, called Travelmania whilst waiting to board the plane. The staff took down some contact numbers, arranged for the tablets to be collected and flown out to Cyprus that evening where the customer was able to drive a short distance and collect the medication

It is this kind of “Cannot do enough for our customers” service that confirms Travelmania stands out from their rivals.

Mr Rossides, the Director of Cyprus Tourism Organisation explained how the feedback he received over the years was clear. Travelmania take the stress away from everything and make guests feel like they are travelling but staying home from home whilst providing great value for money. “The management makes the difference” he later told me. It reminded me of a short text conversation I had with Anna a few months ago; it was just approaching 11pm when Anna was getting ready to head home after a complex group booking. She explained how she wanted everything to be just right and couldn’t do it during the day with phone calls and customers visiting. Far from complaining, Anna appeared proud that she completed her goals and did the best she could to ensure the groups holidays was perfect.

Everyone knows how I feel about Mediterranean chefs, especially gorgeous ones from Cyprus who cook amazing food. Seeing and tasting their food is similar to seeing a Picasso painting hanging in the Louvre Museum, just can’t get enough of it. I digress but my point is this is how important and well respected Travelmania is to our community. When busy people with the work ethic of Tonia Buxton make time to attend a say a few words, you are doing something right!

Tonia’s words echoed around the room but the ones that resonated were “They really care”. Tonia then said a few words regarding the Four Seasons Cyprus, she explained how she had been visiting for a number of years as well as staying at numerous other hotels during her work on the island. “It’s the finest hotel by far, nothing better on the island” she stated. You could hear the passion in her voice, it’s the same passion she puts into her food and life. The audience hangs on to every word, “They really care”…

A short while later, Aegean Airlines Managing Director in London explained that they are providing 59,230 economy flights and 2,920 business class flights from London Heathrow to Larnaca, daily, over the next year.

We were then treated to a short presentation by the head of Four Seasons Cyprus, talk about saving the best until last!!!

They explained how the renovations which were completed just over five months ago, their first updates since 2004/5, had been completed.

The hotel which first opened its doors in 1993 has literally had a complete makeover

The extensive renovations are simply too many to mention but include the introduction of Aroma Therapy in the spa. The three pools had been changed, refurnished and/or enlarged with a stunning “WOW” factor as the guests arrive at the main pool.

From the walk-in showers in every room to the new restaurants and reception area, which provides more opportunity to the staff to interact better with guests, the list is endless but for me, there was a clear highlight.

A four-floor handmade bohemian crystal chandelier that hangs from the third floor to -1, looked simply stunning. Accompanied with three other smaller chandeliers, the cluster will be certain to grab the guest’s attention as soon as they walk past!

Aegean Airlines and Four Seasons Cyprus provided a week holiday for two via Travelmania, as a prize for the lottery prize that ended the evening.

I was delighted to see young Natalia pull out a valued Travelmania customer as the winner. A befitting end to an extraordinary evening that I shall remember for a long time!

Finally, I was sat with John Neophytou, Travelmania’s Managing Director and other guests for the evening. Having briefly met once before it was great to see that the famous Greek hospitality is alive and well. John welcomed me and the other guests and ensured everybody at the table was enjoying themselves. It was clear for the 112 guests attending yesterday and from feedback from Travelmania’s customers that this quality level of service cannot be taught. You either have it or you don’t, Travelmania staff, simply have it!

Kind regards Mario Kyprianou I Secretary I MPS GCA I

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